Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food 2

Actually I had no intention of revisiting Ci Yan so soon, especially when I had done a review on it not too long ago ( Click here to read. ). This took place on the same day I visited 5 Sights Hall Dining Hall at Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I needed some small change to pay back what I had owed to that eatery, while I was still in Chinatown. It's not that I would never return to Chinatown or that eatery again, but I might forget about the whole incident the next time I do so.

The easiest way to get small change was to buy something. It was then I remembered my promise to buy the curry puff from Ci Yan for my sister to try. The curry puffs from Ci Yan seemed to be popular among the Caucasians. Hungry Ang Mo ( ) rated it 9/10. While I was at Ci Yan for my review, several Caucasians ordered the curry puffs for takeaway after their lunch. I remembered one of them ordered quite a lot at one go, after singing praises for the brown rice set. At S$ 1.10, I should be able to get quite a nice amount of small changes to repay my debts.

Hence the review below is my sister's opinion.

The Food

Curry Puff, S$ 1.10

" The filling, which consists of potato and curry, is not spicy. There is nothing spectacular about the filling. What I like more is the skin actually. The pastry layer is thicker than what you find in normal curry puffs, but I am not complaining. It has a very delicious salty taste, and reminds me of something which I fail to recall. Despite being deep fried, it does not have a very oily feeling. Overall this isn't too bad, but I still prefer the non-vegetarian version. "


It is weird that the skin of the curry puff actually gets the attention. Oh well, not exactly a positive review. I guess non-vegetarians simply cannot live without their meat.

Address:8 Smith Street, Chinatown
Opening Hours:Mon - Sun
12.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Bus Service:80, 145
MRT Station:Chinatown

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  1. Actually, the curry puffs are baked, not fried. And the filling consists of potatoes and pumpkin.