Monday, 18 April 2011

Trust Organic Health

Before I begin, I have to first thank for sharing this cafe in the forum of VSS. Otherwise this post would not be possible. With that I shall begin my post proper.

So do I trust organic health (Pun shamelessly intended)? This cafe is certainly creative in coming up with a name, and thanks to that, I can write a more interesting opening line. I am not a nutritionist, therefore I am not in a position to comment about the nutritional value of organic foods. While there are numerous studies done out there, I have better things to do than to read research papers written in a cure-for-insomnia language just to find the answer. However the fact that organic foods are cultivated without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other what-nots, has already rendered them superior to their non-organic peers. After all, how can one be healthy if he/she ingests these poisons on a regular basis? My common sense tells me that organic foods are healthier, not because of what they may have more of, but rather, what they do not contain.

To a vegan, finding Trust in a food paradise like Joo Chiat Road, is analogous to finding water in a desert. Although the shop houses are lined with eateries, majority of them do not offer foods that are qualified for vegans’ gastronomical needs. In addition to operating a cafe, Trust also sells organic groceries. Not only does this move diversify its business, it also serves as a one-stop shop for the vegans and other health-conscious customers. A win-win situation indeed.

On entering the eatery, I was greeted warmly by a pretty looking waitress. If I consumed organic food regularly, would I be as pretty as her? Sorry I digressed. Anyway I was surprised but glad that the actual menu featured way more items than what I saw on their website. Since I came all the way here from Potong Pasir, and I was about to pay more than what I did at hawker centres, I would want to pick something more extraordinary. After scrutinizing the menu, I decided on “Organic Eight Treasure Millet” and “Fruit Enzyme Drink Without Sugar (Berries)”.

The Food

Organic Eight Treasure Millet, S$ 7.90

Whenever a dish has "Eight Treasures" in its name, I have a habit of counting the number of ingredients inside. To the non-Chinese out there, the name is not to be taken literally, nevertheless I have fun doing so. Here's what I had excavated from this one: 1) millet 2) mushrooms 3) chickpeas 4) firm tofu 5) tomatoes 6) carrots 7) lettuce. Hmmm... what's the eighth treasure? Gravy?

Being new to millet grains, it was the first "treasure" I dug into. Just like what I had read, its texture was light, fluffy and creamy. Due to the gravy used to cook the other ingredients, the grains were imparted with a subtle taste of mushroom braised with dark soy sauce. I might be wrong about the cooking method, but that’s the closest flavor I was reminded of. Yours truly was instantly hooked to millet.

The rest of the ingredients were generally well-done. I liked how the chickpeas and carrots added a kind of soft crunchiness to the dish. Apart from providing a nice balance to the relatively stronger flavor of the mushrooms, the crisp raw lettuce also enhanced the overall presentation with its bright green color.

I would have liked the dish more if the sourness of the tomatoes was a little more outstanding. Increasing the portion size of the millet would be great too. Still, I was pleased with this above average dish. Despite the omission of MSG and preservatives, its taste was definitely not compromised too much. I was left with a healthy feeling.

Fruit Enzyme Drink Without Sugar (Berries), S$ 2.90

As expected of a drink made by fermentation, the very first taste I detected was that of alcohol. Well at least I knew this was real enzyme drink, not Ribena trying to imitate one. Even though I hardly took wine, I found this drink rather addictive. People who like alcoholic drinks might like this one. At least this was healthier, and may I add, really accelerated digestion as promised in the menu.


This is one those eateries that I would love to return to as their actual menu looks pretty interesting. I wish the price of the items aren't that steep. Then again I have to remember the painstaking effort to cultvate the crops successfully without the use harmful chemicals. Afterall health is priceless.

Address:328 Joo Chiat Rd #01-03 Singapore 427585
Opening Hours:Mon – Sun, 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
(Close on first and third week of Wednesday)
Bus Service:16
MRT Station:Dakota

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