Monday, 24 October 2011

Hokkien Vegetarian

Writing this blog gives me the opportunity to pay extra attention to the details about the food I eat, hence improving the quality of my meal experience. Rushing work related deadlines, though necessary, does deprive me of this luxury. For the past few weeks, my lunch and dinner were forgettable fares in forgettable places, since filling up the stomach and getting back to work was my priority.

During the weekend,  I managed to squeeze out some time from my busy schedule, only to be met with crowds at Bugis. Wandering to and fro in that area finally landed me in the basement of Fu Lu Shou Complex, where Hokkien Vegetarian stall was found. Like any vegetarian stalls in the coffee shops of Singapore, Hokkien Vegetarian sells economic rice and largely Chinese one-dish meals. As a result, Tom Yam Bee Hoon stands out among the generic local dishes.

The Food

Tom yam is a clear soup with hot and sour flavor. Although most foreigns associate tom yam with Thailand, it is also a part of Laotian cuisine. What distinguishes tom yam from the hot and sour soup of other cultures is its aromatic citrusy flavor achieved through the use of ingredients, such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and galangal.

Popular food like tom yam are destined to be commercialized into jars of instant condiment. At least this was what I believed was used in cooking tom yam bee hoon at Hokkien Vegetarian, as opposed to making the paste from fresh ingredients. Although the soup was still considered hot for me, I could feel that the spiciness had been toned down. This dish might not sit well with the veges hater, but the high greens (Especially the cabbages) to mock meats ratio sure scored points with me. I wished there were more tomatoes though, which in my opinion, went very well with the tangy soup when well-cooked.

While authenticity was compromised somewhat, the overall taste was decent by my standard. Afterall, it was unfair to expect the vendor to make the tom yam paste from scratch when I was only paying S$3.00 for a bowl of bee hoon.


In terms of quality, the food at Hokkien Vegetarian was quite all right if one was not picky. What won me over was the portion size. After all these years, I have come to associate vegetarian stalls found in coffee shop and hawker centres with dishes that is packed with processed mock meats, that I make it a point to request for more veges. This time round, I forgot. Nevertheless, the cook at Hokkien Vegetarian did it the way I had wanted. Like I mention earlier, veges haters, shun this stall.

Address:149 Rochor Road Fu Lu Shou Complex
Opening Hours:-
Bus Service:-
MRT Station:Bugis


  1. I will give a Try when I am next around Bugis area. Tks

  2. 'Wang Jiao Vegetarian Food'-New Vege Stall at 01-35 Haig Rd Food Centre. Vege Fried Rice,Dumpling Noodle, SinChew Bee hoon, Hokkien Friend Noodle-all at $3; Kway Chap at $2.50.

    Perhaps you would like to 'Review' this stall to help her increase her biz.